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What's New

  • The Amida Care Fund at Stonewall Community Foundation Awards Inaugural Grants for HIV/AIDS Initiatives

    BOOM!Health, HEAT, Pride for Youth, and Translatina Network were selected because of their outstanding work to address HIV/AIDS in LGBTQ communities throughout New York City.

  • Community Organizations and Civic Leaders Rally at City Hall for $10M in NYC HIV/AIDS Funding to End the Epidemic

    HIV/AIDS activists, community leaders, and elected officials gathered outside City Hall to call for additional funding for NYC.

  • Ending the Epidemic 2020

    Governor Cuomo releases Blueprint to End the AIDS Epidemic in New York State

  • DSRIP Report

    Project Recommendations for Meaningful Transformation of the Chronic Illness Sector

  • Star Ratings – 2015: English , Español

  • Plans

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