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Amida Care News

Amida Care Marks Pride Month with “LGBTQIAA Innovators for Change” Magazine

June 8 2018


 Amida Care - Marking LGBTQ Pride month

Marking LGBTQ Pride month, Amida Care has published a special community magazine entitled, “LQBTQIAA Innovators for Change.” The magazine showcases 24 New Yorkers who personify the creative dynamism of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual community, as well as community allies. Those profiled represent a broad range of specialties, from activists and artists to comedians and professional chefs.

At this moment in our nation’s political life, marching for LGBTQ Pride feels not only like a celebration, but also a call to action. In times like these, we rededicate ourselves to using our votes and our voices to decry a resurgence of intolerance, discrimination, and hatred, as several of those featured in this magazine urge us to do.

Achievements by gifted New Yorkers like those highlighted in “LQBTQIAA Innovators for Change spark feelings of hope and pride in all of us. Amida Care feels proud to have turned a new page in 2018 by adding transgender care for all, regardless of HIV status, to our mission.  We also continue to take pride that New York State has pioneered our first-in-the-nation drive to End the AIDS Epidemic by 2020. Since this initiative was launched, NYS has achieved a 20.6% reduction in new cases of HIV. Read the magazine in English or in Spanish.

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