Fast Facts About Us

Fast Facts About Us


Amida Care is a not-for-profit health plan that specializes in providing comprehensive health coverage and coordinated care to New Yorkers with chronic conditions, including HIV and behavioral health disorders. We are the largest Medicaid special needs health plan (SNP) in New York State.

Established in 2003 by several non-profit community-based health organizations in New York City, Amida Care developed a highly effective, specialized model of care to provide individualized attention and support to people with HIV/AIDS and other complex health issues.

Service Area

We serve the five boroughs of New York City. With our understanding of the range of issues that affect New Yorkers, we are able to deliver expert care to New York populations with the greatest need.

Sponsor Organizations

Acacia Network, Brightpoint Health, Community Healthcare Network, Harlem United, Housing Works, St. Mary’s Center, and Village Care.

Health Plan

Medicaid Special Needs Plan


Currently serving 6,000+ members throughout the five boroughs of New York City, we offer a managed care health plan to Medicaid recipients who are living with HIV/AIDS or who are homeless (regardless of HIV status).


People with complex health conditions need access to providers with specialized knowledge. Our wide network of top health care providers includes:

  • 175+ HIV-specialist primary care providers (PCPs)
  • 1,700+ general physicians PCPs
  • 9,000+ specialists
  • 5,000 behavioral health providers
  • 78 federally qualified and community health centers
  • 37 hospitals

How We Are Different

  • Each member is assigned to an Integrated Care Team (ICT) of Amida Care health professionals who design and oversee individualized care plans that support members’ unique health needs and goals. The ICT also works closely with members to help them address non-medical needs that may impact their health, such as housing, legal concerns, and transportation.
  • Our community health outreach workers go out into the community to visit members where they live and encourage them to stay in care, take prescribed medications, and follow a wellness plan.
  • Amida Care is more than a health plan—we strive to create a wellness community. To help our members achieve the best quality of life possible, we offer special “Live Your Life” member wellness programs, such as healthy cooking, African dance, Zumba, yoga, meditation, art therapy, and more.
  • Through a variety of member engagement activities, such as town hall meetings, a Member Advisory Council, and member representation on our Board of Directors, we seek participation and feedback from members to ensure that their needs are being met.


Amida Care has generated many impressive health outcomes that save lives and produce cost savings, including:

  • Over 93% member engagement in care
  • A 74% decrease in hospital admissions/readmissions
  • A 93% success rate in getting members on anti-retroviral medications
  • A 75% viral suppression rate among HIV-positive members


We advocate for policies and initiatives that support health and social justice for the populations we serve. Amida Care’s President and CEO Doug Wirth served on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Task Force to End the AIDS Epidemic in New York State by 2020, which produced the Blueprint to End the Epidemic, outlining plans to reduce the rate of new HIV infections in the state.