Amida Care PrEP ABC’s

Amida Care PrEP ABC’s

Amida Care PrEP ABC’s

Get Schooled on PrEP:
Know The ABCs

A World AIDS Day Event:

Video Series Premiere of «PrEP 101» and Live Panel Discussion/Webinar

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a powerful HIV prevention tool. On the eve of World AIDS Day (Nov. 30) at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, Callen-Lorde launched its exciting new PrEP 101 video series during a live screening event and panel discussion/webinar with medical experts, advocates, and community members. The panel was moderated by Andrew Seaman, Senior Medical Journalist at Reuters Health, and panelists included Doug Wirth, Amida Care NY, CEO; William J. Nazareth Jr., Callen-Lorde, Director of Creative Media; Cresencio Hernandez, PrEP consumer; Andrew Goodman, MD, Associate Director of Medicine at Callen-Lorde; and Cristina Herrera, The Center, Transgender HIV Prevention Coordinator.

Discussions Covered

  • How PrEP works
  • What PrEP does (and doesn’t) do
  • Who should take PrEP
  • Access to PrEP
  • and more…

PrEP 101 Live Panel Discussion and Webinar


What PrEP does

What PrEP Does Do

What PrEP doesn't do

What PrEP Doesn’t Do

What you need to know about PrEP

What You Need to Know About PrEP

What you need to do for PrEP

What You Need to Do for PrEP

Who can get PrEP

Who Can Get PrEP

Who is right for PrEP

Who is Right for PrEP



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