Don’t Lose Your Medicaid Benefits - Act Now
Don’t Lose Your Medicaid Benefits - Act Now

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Health coverage for people who want expert HIV and gender-affirming care

  • $0 monthly premium
  • Benefits include dental, vision, and mental health
  • New York City’s largest Special Needs Plan

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When you are a member with us, we strive to help you live your best life. Find out more about our Member Programs and Services.

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Get the care you deserve with our low-cost Medicaid health insurance plan. Learn more about our health plan and find out if you qualify.

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Your Community Health Plan

Your Community Health Plan

Amida Care has strong roots in New York and a deep understanding of the health care needs of the local communities we serve. Each Amida Care member has a care team that provides extra attention and services to help them get and stay healthy. When you are part of the Amida Care family, we do everything we can to help you live the healthiest life possible.

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Undetectable=Untransmittable. When supported by high-quality primary care for HIV and other services to address their needs, people living with HIV can become virally suppressed, which means the virus is “undetectable” and cannot be transmitted to others through sex. Read more


PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a highly effective anti-HIV medication that – if taken daily – has been shown to be over 90% effective at preventing HIV transmission.
PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis, works somewhat like a “morning-after pill” to prevent HIV infection. If administered correctly and taken daily for 28 days, PEP is effective in preventing HIV transmission. Read more



Act now!
Do not lose your Medicaid Benefits.

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