Executive Team

Amida Care Community Figures 2

Executive Team

Doug Wirth

President and CEO


Nicholas Liguori

Executive Vice President

Jerome Ernst, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Felice D. Kussoy, CPA, CFE

Chief Financial Officer

Maura McGrath

Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

Sylvia Cowan

Vice President, Growth and Community Initiatives

Maria DaSilva

Vice President, Risk and Network Management

Salvatore Giunta

Vice President, Information Technology

Mark Fintz

Vice President, Member Services

Kathy Frank-Klein

Vice President, Health Services Operations and Vendor Management

Stephane Howze

Vice President, Ombudsperson

Terry Leach

Vice President, Pharmacy

Jim Morrill

Vice President, Human Resources

Kevin Steffens

Vice President, Clinical Services

Sima S. Toussi, MD

Medical Director

Teri Wade

Vice President, Marketing and Communications