Your Care Team

Your Care Team

Integrated Care Team

Integrated Care TeamAmida Care understands the complex medical, behavioral, pharmaceutical, and psychosocial needs of people living with multiple chronic conditions, including HIV/AIDS. To ensure that our members receive high-quality care, personalized assistance, and timely services, each member is assigned to an Integrated Care Team (ICT), which works with you to track progress on your Individualized Care Plan and health goals. Your ICT includes:

Care Coordinator

Your team leader coordinates with your primary care provider, specialists, hospitals, health homes, and other resources to ensure that you receive appropriate care and services.

Case Manager Coordinator

Conducts phone assessments with you at least twice a year and helps connect you to community resources such as case management, mental health and substance abuse treatment, housing and legal services, transportation assistance, and overall health education and support.

Health Navigators

Ensure that you have the resources you need to stay in care by helping you choose a doctor who fits your specific needs and linking you with community-based agencies for additional support and services.