Our Model
of Care

Our Model
of Care

Going Above and Beyond

Amida Care works closely with our members and surrounds them with a dedicated team of providers, social workers, health navigators, behavioral health specialists and a designated medical home.

Our most important goal is to help each member live healthier lives in all ways. We achieve this by encouraging our members and their doctors to work together to make the best decision for the best care related to check-ups, specialists, hospitalization, home care, mental health, vision care and more. Amida Care providers handle all the special, complex needs of their patients – including providing complete health care and assistance with lifestyle challenges that may come up.

Amida Care’s first-rate track record is based on several key principles:

  • Advocacy – A Care Coordinator at Amida Care assists members with receiving the benefits and services they are entitled to, including transportation and home health care.
  • Availability – Community-based case management assists with issues such as housing, legal assistance, and Medicaid recertification.
  • Access – Amida Care has a large network of providers and arranges appointments so members are seen as quickly as possible. Many providers see members in their private offices, not clinics.
  • Quick Action – Because decisions are made by the Primary Care Provider (PCP) and the Amida Care Medical Director, services are approved faster.
  • Coordination – Amida Care works closely with the member, hospitals, specialists, and community case management.
  • Member Involvement – Opportunities for members include peer stipend positions and serving on the Member Advisory Council (MAC) or Governance Board.

Just as we try to go the extra mile for our co-workers, friends and neighbors, we do the same for our members and our providers.

We believe in going “above and beyond for you.” These are not empty words, but the basis of every decision we make as we work to improve access to quality health care.