Don’t Lose Your Medicaid Benefits - Act Now
Don’t Lose Your Medicaid Benefits - Act Now

Live Life Plus

Live Life Plus

Medicaid Live Life Plus Health Plan:

Expert HIV & Gender-Affirming Care

With more than 8,000 members, Amida Care is the largest Medicaid Special Needs Plan in New York City, yet small enough to provide you with individual attention. We specialize in providing comprehensive, expert HIV and gender-affirming care.

As we like to say, we love who you are and we try to show you in every interaction.


As an Amida Care member, your benefits and services include:

Doctors and Hospitals

  • Large network of providers
  • Hospital care and emergency room services
  • Preventive care including doctor visits, annual check-ups, and referrals for specialist visits

Testing and Labs

  • Lab tests and x-rays
  • Tests for STDs such as HIV, herpes, hepatitis, etc.


  • Prescription drug coverage (copays may apply)
  • Certain over-the-counter medications (copays may apply)

Vision and Dental

  • Eye exams and eyeglasses
  • Preventive dental check-ups, cleaning, x-rays, and fillings

Personal Support

  • Integrated Care Team assigned to each member
    • Care Coordinator to help with appointments, coordinate with doctors, etc.
    • Case Manager to connect you with community resources such as:
      • mental health and substance abuse treatment
      • housing and legal services
      • transportation assistance
      • health education
      • domestic violence services
      • homeless services
    • Health Navigator to help you choose a doctor for your needs and link you to community agencies
  • Monthly member events to include healthy cooking, art therapy, mediation, African and Latin dance, and more
  • Healthy Rewards dollars for preventive care visits, screenings, vaccines, etc.
  • Free work training program (Workforce Initiative Network)

HIV Care

  • Unique care model of individual attention
  • Focus on reaching undetectable (viral load) status so HIV is not transmitted to other people


  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy


  • Durable medical equipment (such as a wheelchair, oxygen, nebulizer, etc.)

Gender Identity

  • Gender-affirming primary care
  • Gender-affirming surgeries
  • Hormone therapy

Mental Health and Substance Use

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Crisis intervention

Home Care and Day Care

  • Personal care/home attendant
  • Home health care
  • Meal delivery
  • AIDS adult day health care
  • Hospice care

Member Advocacy and Plan Improvement

  • Champion of health and social justice initiatives
  • Member Advisory Council to help us improve
  • Borough Town Hall Meetings
  • Two members on our Board of Directors

Click here for more information regarding the benefits provided by our plan: Benefit Guide

Becoming A Member

See if you are eligible to join

You are eligible to join Amida Care’s Live Life Plus plan if:

  • you qualify for Medicaid Managed Care AND
  • you live in New York City AND
  • you are one of the following:
    • living with HIV/AIDS
    • transgender (HIV positive or negative)
    • homeless (HIV positive or negative)
    • a child (HIV positive or negative) of an active Amida Care member*

*Newborns of Amida Care members will be enrolled in the plan, however, parents may choose to disenroll their newborns at any time.

If you are a Medicaid member living in New York City, choosing a special needs health plan or a regular Medicaid managed care plan is mandatory for people living with HIV/AIDS.

If you are eligible to join, we can help you enroll.

There are several ways to enroll:

Contact Us

Other Ways To Join


  • Enroll in Amida Care’s Medicaid Special Needs Plan on the NY State of Health, The Official Health Plan Marketplace (NYSoH) website:


  • Call New York Medicaid Choice at 1-800-505-5678 and ask to change to Amida Care’s Medicaid Special Needs Plan.

New York State of Health

  • If you joined Medicaid through the NY State of Health (NYSoH), call the NYSoH at 1-855-355-5777 and ask to change to Amida Care’s Special Needs Plan.