Live Your Life

Amida Care wants to help our members living with HIV to Live Your Life… Undetectable!

What does it mean to be undetectable?

For most people living with HIV, taking antiretroviral (ARV) medications exactly as prescribed by your Primary Care Provider (PCP) will bring down the amount of HIV in the blood to a very low level. This is sometimes called an “undetectable” viral load or “viral load suppression.”  People living with HIV who reach an undetectable viral load live longer, are healthier, and are unable to transmit HIV sexually to other people.

What is Amida Care’s Live Your Life Undetectable (LYLU) program?

The LYLU program helps you take your ARV medications regularly and get undetectable!  If you enroll in the program and your viral load is already undetectable or becomes undetectable, you will receive $100 for each quarter (three-month period) that you stay undetectable. Amida Care will connect you to supportive services decided on by you and your PCP to help you achieve this goal.

Find out more…

Amida Care wants you to stay healthy, feel good, and have a long life! To find out whether you are eligible to enroll in the LYLU program, you may attend a special information session (click on the link below for the schedule), talk to your PCP, speak with an Amida Care Member Services Representative at 1-800-556-0689 / TTY 711, or email