October 2015

New Portal for Providers Offers Quick, Easy Access to Patient Information

More than 600 providers have already signed up, but many others have not yet registered. We urge those who haven’t registered to do so in order to more easily obtain patient information right when you need it.

Our providers can also use this new service to generate reports on patient data and to access Explanations of Payments (EOPs) within any given time period. Soon, we will add an additional feature that allows providers to request authorizations.

“Amida Care Online enables my staff to answer questions from our provider community more promptly and efficiently. It makes it easier for providers to access real-time patient information about our plan members,” said Maria DaSilva, Amida Care’s Vice President of Risk and Network Management. “The portal was launched in April, and we’ve already seen a decrease in calls and an uptick in online visits.”

To develop the portal, Amida Care assembled a team of experts who interviewed our providers about how a tool like this could be useful. Housing Works, one of our sponsors, beta-tested Amida Care Online and provided helpful feedback.
“Amida Care’s provider portal is just great,” says Debora Carrero, Director of Credentialing with Housing Works Community Health Care in Brooklyn. “It benefits everything from patient care to provider work flow by allowing users to check eligibility, identify PCPs, and review claims on a secure website.”

To register for the portal, please visit www.amidacareonline.com and click on the “Register” button, or call 1-800-556-0674 for support.

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