Don’t Lose Your Medicaid Benefits - Act Now
Don’t Lose Your Medicaid Benefits - Act Now

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Amida Care News

Join Amida Care in Supporting the “Medicaid is US” Campaign

June 29 2017

This week, The Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) launched “Medicaid is US” to urge Congress to reject legislation that cuts Medicaid, which serves as the backbone of health coverage for more than 74 million Americans. The Medicaid is Us campaign emphasizes that Medicaid isn’t welfare; it benefits working Americans. Almost 60 percent of adults with Medicaid coverage are working. Nearly half of them work for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. One in 10 veterans receives Medicaid right now. As many as 1 in 2 Americans will need Medicaid at some point during their lifetimes. Amida Care joined the Medicaid is US campaign and is a member of ACAP, which represents 60 member Safety Net Health Plans serving nearly 20 million Americans.

Join Amida Care in Medicaid is Us campaign

We need your help to get the word out as soon as you can – and in several ways:
• Through the Medicaid is US web site, which allows visitors to connect directly with their Members of Congress through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.
• Through your social media platforms:
ACAP has developed a suite of social media content for Facebook and Twitter which you may use as you see fit. There is also state-specific social media content available here.
• Through your employees: Share with your employees and encourage them to make their voices heard. Encourage the use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
• Through allied organizations: You likely work with several allied provider and/or advocacy organizations – please share the social media resources here with them and encourage them to post.

“Taking health insurance away from millions of people to give tax cuts to millionaires will not make America great. Medicaid belongs to everyone and benefits everyone. Hard-working Americans shouldn’t be forced into poverty because they are unable to afford care,” said Doug Wirth, President and CEO of Amida Care. “Access to quality, affordable health care in America should be a right, not a privilege. Amida Care calls on the Senate to reject any cuts to Medicaid and to stand up for the health care that millions of Americans deserve.”"Medicaid Is US" campiagn by Amida Care in NYC

Almost 5 million people in New York rely on Medicaid for their health care. Medicaid helps people manage their chronic illnesses – so they can keep working. It is critical to supporting drug rehabilitation programs to counter the opioid epidemic. Nearly two-thirds of older and disabled Americans, including 67 percent of nursing home residents in New York, rely on Medicaid to help pay for nursing homes and care, lifting a burden off family members – so they can continue to work. Medicaid is not a distant program that benefits any one group of people – it helps Americans across all demographics – racially, economically, and generationally. Medicaid is US.

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