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Amida Care Publishes “Body, Mind & Spirit: A Guide to Wellness”

April 10 2018

Amida Care has published a special community publication entitled Body, Mind & Spirit: A Guide to Wellness, offering insights from Amida Care staff as well as some of Amida Care’s Body, Mind & Spirit Guide published by Amida Care in NYCfavorite wellness coaches.

Setting intentions and then making an effort to work on smoking cessation or getting better sleep sets off changes in our body-mind that can ultimately lead to clearer thinking and enhanced moods. Also discussed in this publication are the surprising benefits yielded by reaching out to others through volunteer work or by affirming our rights as citizens through registering for and voting in elections.

“Cultivating the connections between our bodies, minds, and spirits can help each of us nurture kinder, gentler relationships among these aspects of ourselves,” said Doug Wirth, president and CEO of Amida Care. “As the articles published here illustrate, when we take a more mindful approach to physical health – whether by getting out and walking more, connecting with others, or simply adopting a healthier approach to eating, drinking, and hydrating – the benefits are manifested in our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, in addition to just feeling good in our own body.”

The publication also shares striking personal stories about surviving the loss of loved ones to chronic disease or suicide. Somehow, finding strength and support to cope with and grow through such challenges can bring holistic healing.  In addition, the publication provides a citywide listing of Mental Health Hotlines and Services. And, at a time when our nation is dealing with the scourge of opioid addiction, specialists from Amida Care’s Pharmacy Department share life-saving techniques for preventing opioid overdose.

Read the magazine in English or in Spanish.

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