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Amida Care Supports Anti-discrimination Regulations to Protect Transgender New Yorkers

October 22 2015

On October 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced regulations to protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination, making New York the first U.S. state to issue state-wide regulations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Governor Cuomo announced the executive action at the fall dinner for Empire State Pride Agenda, a group that advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

“The scourge of harassment and discrimination against transgender individuals is well-known – and has also has gone largely unanswered for too long,” Governor Cuomo said. “New York has always been a beacon for the country on LGBT rights. We started the movement at Stonewall, we led the way with marriage equality, and now we are continuing to show the nation the path forward. We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment against transgender people anywhere in the State of New York – period.”

Amida Care has been a local pioneer for transgender health, and 7% of our members identify as transgender.

“Amida Care applauds Governor Cuomo for acting to prevent discrimination against transgender New Yorkers, which has a powerful positive impact on the health and well-being of the transgender community,” says Amida Care President and CEO Doug Wirth. “Offering transgender New Yorkers protection from discrimination in employment, housing, and other barriers to care is a life-saving step towards a healthier New York.”

Amida Care joins with all those who have voiced opposition to Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan’s criticism of this action that will support civil rights for transgender New Yorkers. Amida Care encourages the Senate to demonstrate solidarity and support of civil rights by passing the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) this session, as the Assembly has done eight times already.

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