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Carlos N. Molina Honored with Schneps Media’s Latin Impact Award

July 27 2022

Amida Care Vice President of Marketing and Communications Carlos N. Molina is the recipient of Schneps Media’s Latin Impact Award, presented by Catholic Health. The award honors the achievements and impactful work of outstanding Latinx individuals in the New York area. The Latin Impact Awards recognize individuals from all sectors who serve to inspire and empower future generations to pursue their passions in order to make a difference. Schneps Media publishes El Correo, Noticia, and amNewYork, and is proud to bring together these outstanding individuals to build our community.

Carlos is an activist, community educator, and artist with over 25 years of experience working for the HIV/AIDS, Latino/a/e-People of Color (POC), and LGBTQ+ communities. Prior to working at Amida Care, he was the editor of SIDAahora, the first national HIV/AIDS magazine published in Spanish in the U.S., and he was a leadership trainer for the D.C.-based LLEGO, the national Latino/a/e lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization.

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