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Amida Care News

Amida Care News

Amida Care’s Latest Community Magazine: Health, Advocacy, Care

June 11 2020

As New Yorkers rise to the occasion this Pride month by reinventing ourselves in ways large and small, Amida Care has also been undergoing a process of renewal and transformation, as reflected in our latest community magazine: Health, Advocacy, Care.

Its title debuts our organization’s new tagline – one that we believe better sums up our mission and more clearly communicates who we are. What most sets Amida Care apart is advocacy to help members and communities gain access to the care they need, so they can protect and improve their health and live their best, most authentic lives.

The coronavirus pandemic is shining a light on the glaring health inequities among people of color. Amida Care has been a longstanding advocate to end the health disparities that take a disproportionately heavy toll on the New Yorkers we serve, and there is an urgent need to do even more to ensure equitable access to care.

As portrayed in this publication, health, advocacy, and care take many forms: through the work of Amida Care health navigators like Faith Kamara and Victwan McCorkle, who serve our community members; the pioneering contributions of NYC-based organizations The Anti-Violence Project and Out My Closet; and the unforgettable legacy of Lorena Borjas, a renowned trans-Latina activist whom we recently lost to Covid-19.

Health, advocacy, and care are also found in the work of those who promote healthy self-care, self-expression, and body positivity, like artist/advocate Tarik Carroll of the EveryMAN Project and others included in these pages. Each does their part to build a safer, more inclusive LGBTQ community.

Learn about these inspiring individuals, plus additional related content, by reading and sharing it in English or in Spanish.

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