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International Transgender Day of Visibility: Shining a Light on Gender-Affirming Care

March 24 2023

Each year since 2009, International Transgender Day of Visibility has been celebrated on March 31. On that day, we honor the joy and resilience of trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people and raise awareness of the discrimination faced by TGNC people around the world.

With over 20% of Amida Care’s members identifying as people of TGNC experience, we are committed to improving quality and access to health services for TGNC communities. Our Gender Identity Support Team (or GIST), led by Amida Care’s Trans Health & HIV Prevention Program Manager, Carey Hanlin, works closely with our members. Says Carey, “We understand that each person’s transition and health goals are different and we will work with you to identify your needs, review your options, and connect you to affirming care and services. We are dedicated to helping you live your best life!”

Our TGNC services include gender-affirming primary care; gender-affirming procedures, including top and bottom surgeries and facial feminization; hormone therapy; electrolysis; HIV treatment; HIV prevention, including PrEP and PEP; care coordination and referrals for supportive services.

According to Christina Herrera, CEO and Co-founder of Translatinx Network, “Amida Care has been really instrumental in advocating for our rights and our needs. We have to value ourselves and some of that is taking care of our health and visiting providers that really understand you.”

Watch this video by Amida Care member and filmmaker (Trans in Trumpland) Tony Zosherafatain, who joins Devin-Norelle and Chris to share experiences and insights on hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery, gynecology, mammograms and hysterectomies for transmasculine people, all reinforcing the importance of access to gender-affirming health care:

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