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Amida Care News

Maria Axiotis of Amida Care Named ACAP 2018 Making a Difference Award Honorable Mention Winner

May 22 2018

The Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) named Maria Axiotis, RN, Integrated Care Team Lead at Amida Care, a 2018 Making a Difference Award Honorable Mention winner. The ACAP Making a Difference Award recognizes employees who exceed the norm in service related to advocacy, care, access, and the public good for Medicaid and other safety net health programs and on behalf of the vulnerable populations that these programs serve. Amida Care nominated Ms. Axiotis for the award based on her stellar performance, unwavering dedication to our members and mission, and ongoing successful relationship building with the providers who care for our members. Pictured with Ms. Axiotis are Kevin Steffens, Vice President of Clinical Services and Programs and Kevin Cryan, Director of Integrated Care and Case Management.

Ms. Axiotis directs Amida Care’s Integrated Care Team ICT, which provides care oversight and coordination for half of Amida Care’s 6,800+ members. The ICT is responsible for creating or improving connections to care (primary, specialty, and behavioral health) between members and their providers; providing post-discharge outreach; researching and resolving member concerns; leading internal and external case conferences; and coordinating member access to other services such as home health care, health home, durable medical equipment, hospice care, pharmaceutical treatment, vision, transportation, and family planning . Although Ms. Axiotis’ responsibilities are extensive and impactful, it is the manner in which she performs her work and leads her team that makes a difference in the lives of Amida Care’s members. Ms. Axiotis partners with members and their providers to advance Amida Care’s mission to help our members achieve positive health outcomes so that they can get about the business of living their lives to the fullest.

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