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Support the Amida Care Fund for Puerto Rico

February 12 2020

In the wake of the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico, we hope that your friends and family members are safe and well. Unfortunately, the island continues to be traumatized by the aftermath of an “earthquake swarm” of more than 950 quakes in the past few weeks. Hundreds of buildings have been destroyed or severely damaged and thousands of people in the island’s southwest are camping outdoors, afraid to sleep in their own homes in anticipation that the next tremor might bring their house crashing down.

Bearing in mind that these besieged communities are still recovering from the recent Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we are launching the Amida Care Fund for Puerto Rico to help relief efforts. We are especially concerned about the island’s LGBTQ communities and those living with HIV, as the sustained services that they need may have been disrupted during the past few weeks. Contributions to the Amida Care Fund for Puerto Rico will be donated to the Acacia Network’s Brigadas al Sur program, a three-month work plan recently launched through the network’s nonprofit in Puerto Rico, Acacia Puerto Rico Inc. (Acacia PR) in partnership with over 15 local organizations and community-based institutions.

In addition to wellness activities such as massages and acupuncture clinics, Brigadas al Sur is providing aid including water, food, hygiene supplies, mosquito nets, solar lamps, basic medications and general necessities to southern Puerto Rico’s most vulnerable residents, including the sick and injured, the elderly and the very young.

We hope that you’ll consider a donation to the Amida Care Fund for Puerto Rico, as even a few dollars will make a difference. To donate, go to

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