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Be Yourself: Sharing Gender-Affirming Resources this LGBT Pride Month

Transgender people are a vibrant part of the New York City community. There are many layers of gender identity and expression, and there are many options. You might decide to take hormones, opt for surgery, or you might need to change the gender marker on your birth certificate. In New York City, there are many agencies and support groups, many of them founded and led by transgender individuals, that can help you be your most authentic self.

June is LGBT Pride Month, and it is a great time to learn about and celebrate gender-affirming resources.


Here are some resources that can help:

• In New York City, The Center offers meetings and support groups, health and many other types of resources including arts, culture and career services. or 212-620-7310.

• Spearheaded in 2007 by Cristina Herrera, the Translatina Network promotes the healthy development of transgender Latina communities. or 212-367-1550/1551.

• New York State has programs that can help adults and youths in the trans community. Check out their Transgender Resources

• The Trans Lifeline, at 877-565-8860, provides peer support for transgender people in crisis. This line is staffed by transgender and gender non-conforming volunteers and has varying hours.

• Amida Care can help with health insurance. Amida Care is a Special Needs Health Plan (SNP) that provides comprehensive health coverage, at little or no cost, for New Yorkers eligible for Medicaid. Amida Care is open to all transgender individuals who qualify, regardless of their HIV status. Certain conditions must be met. We are expert at helping our more than 400 transgender members access respectful, high-quality, culturally competent care, including gender-affirming services, hormone therapy, HIV prevention and treatment (including PrEP and PEP), and supportive services such as housing referrals and employment programs. Confidential answers are available at 1-855 GO-AMIDA (1-855-462-6432) (TTY 711).

• Read more about Amida Care’s model of care on The Body’s Resource Center for Trans People and HIV

• Find more trans health resources on Amida Care’s website

Above all, it’s important to stand up and be your own advocate. No one knows what you need and what you are experiencing better than you do. Listen to that inner voice that helps you find your comfort zone, and reach out for help if you need it—because you deserve to be your best self. As Amida Care’s Pride March float says, “Be Yourself…With Pride!

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