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Good Food for Body and Mind: Healthy Eating Ideas

Kick off the new year with the goal to eat healthier! After all, we are what we eat. For glowing skin and hair, strong bones, and sharp brains, we can never go wrong by including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in our daily diet.

With diabetes and obesity widespread these days, primary care providers advise us to watch our food intake. Planning balanced menus that incorporate whole grains, natural ingredients, and fresh produce helps us control blood sugar levels and keep sodium intake down. Resolve to try a few of these healthy eating ideas this year.

The New York City Department of Health cautions us to eat less salt (sodium) and avoid gulping too many sugary sodas and other high-calorie drinks. Even store-bought juices can be high in sugar, so think about juicing (making your own).

Here are some veggies and fruits to put on your shopping list:

• Kale: a “superfood” packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
• Avocados: they’re low in sugar and sodium and contain little starch
• Guavas: they have about four times as much vitamin C as oranges
• Frozen vegetables: picked at peak ripeness, they’re surprisingly nutritious

Learn to read food labels, so you can check on serving sizes and watch out for high levels of salt, sugar, or carbs. Too much salt can raise your blood pressure and even bring on heart disease or stroke. The total Daily Value (DV) for sodium is 2,300 milligrams (mg).

More Information:

Across New York City and beyond, farmers’ markets have soared in popularity. Why not locate one in your neighborhood? Bring your own bag to protect the environment. A complete listing of about 50 New York City farmers markets can be found here.

To find if you are eligible for food stamps call 718-557-1399 or click here.

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