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Amida Care News

Amida Care Receives Choose Life Award from the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA)

October 29 2018

NEW YORK, October 29, 2018 – On October 25, Amida Care was honored with a “Choose Life” Award from the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. (NBLCA) at its 2018 Gospel Extravaganza. The event was held at Harlem’s historic Aaron Davis Hall at the City College Center and celebrated NBLCA’s 30 years of service through educating, mobilizing, and empowering Black leaders to address and proactively fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other health disparities facing African Americans. Amida Care was recognized as a leader in providing quality health care to communities of color living with and impacted by HIV/AIDS and other health disparities.

“This award is aptly named, because the work that all of us do together is all about choosing life. At Amida Care, the focus of our work has been to promote access to high-quality, comprehensive, culturally competent health care that will give people the chance to live their best lives and contribute to their communities,” said Amida Care President and CEO, Doug Wirth. “We look forward to continuing to collaborate with NBLCA – and our allies throughout New York and beyond – to find innovative solutions that lift people up and advance health and social equity for us all.”

The event featured a stellar line-up of leading voices in Gospel music, including live performances by Grammy-nominated songwriters and musicians Richard Smallwood and JJ Hairston. Convent Avenue Baptist Church – Healing Hope Ministry was also honored with a Choose Life award.

“This is an extraordinary time for the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. as we embark on another milestone year of critical service, advocacy, education and training to empower the Black community and its leadership,” says C. Virginia Fields, president and CEO of NBLCA and member of Amida Care’s Board of Directors. “Our goal remains to bring together leaders of all backgrounds to address critical health issues facing communities of color. The 2018 Gospel Extravaganza is an exciting way for us to reinvigorate our commitment and further inspire people from all over to join us in our mission.”

The Honorable Johnny L. Ford, NBLCA’s Board Chair added, “As NBLCA’s preeminent fundraiser for the year, the Gospel Extravaganza allows us to shine a spotlight on distinguished voices whose music and artistry uplift and inspire while assisting NBLCA to engage with fans and gospel lovers in support of our ongoing programs to vulnerable populations. It is critical that we do so.”



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