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Amida Care Thanks Stephane Howze for Her Invaluable Service

October 7 2020

We are deeply grateful to Stephane Howze, VP of Member Experience and Ombudsperson, for her 12+ years of dedicated service and extraordinary contributions to Amida Care. We appreciate all she has accomplished in various capacities at our organization, including her time on the Board of Directors prior to joining the staff. She has been a dedicated advocate for both members and providers and is a champion for keeping Amida Care’s work grounded in strong principles of social justice. Stephane has decided to pursue a new opportunity, and she is leaving us with an amazing foundation to build on.

Stephane has had major impact on Amida Care’s innovative program of member experience. As our first member Ombudsperson, she has ensured that we “walk the talk” in our commitments to members by including their voice in decisions and company-wide performance improvement. Our member call center and member operations are much stronger today thanks to Stephane’s supervision. Stephane also served as senior leader of our engagement with members on the Board and Quality Management Committee, as well as in the Member Advisory Council (MAC), a group of member representatives from our primary care sites, whose input helps us to improve member services. She also led our Live Your Life wellness program, which helps our members learn new ways to improve their health through free monthly events, including yoga, Zumba, meditation, and healthy cooking classes.

“Stephane is known for many things, including her passion, integrity and willingness to roll up her sleeves and do what needs to be done,” said Amida Care President and CEO, Doug Wirth. “One of things I’ve always treasured when working with Stephane is her ability to find the joy, laughter and pleasure while doing important – and often hard – work.”

Before to coming to Amida Care, Stephane was the Chief Operating Officer at Harlem United and also served as the Executive Director at the Upper Room AIDS Ministry, a Harlem United subsidiary. Throughout her nearly 30-year career, Stephane has demonstrated a personal and professional commitment to creating and sustaining comprehensive health care services for underserved communities with a focus on homeless individuals and people living with HIV/AIDS.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to Stephane for all she has done for Amida Care and in service to vulnerable communities. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

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