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Amida Care News

Congratulations to Amida Care Sponsor Brightpoint Health on Its 25th Anniversary

October 16 2015

Bight Point LogoAmida Care congratulates Brightpoint Health on 25 years of contributions to community health in New York. Brightpoint Health is a leading nonprofit provider of high-quality medical and mental health care as well as social support services to people, families, and communities challenged by health disparities. Brightpoint Health was one of several community health organizations that came together to found Amida Care in 2003. It is because of the original vision and leadership of Brightpoint that Amida Care exists, and we are proud to have Brightpoint as a founding sponsor. We are also grateful for the leadership of Paul Vitale, CEO of Brightpoint Health, who serves as chairperson of Amida Care’s Board of Directors.

Both Brightpoint Health and Amida Care are committed to providing integrated comprehensive care for the communities we serve. Amida Care has had the pleasure to work with Brightpoint Health to improve the health and quality of life of people coping with multiple complex health conditions, including HIV/AIDS. We look forward to many more years working with Brightpoint as a sponsor organization in order to help make our successful health outcomes possible.

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