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Amida Care News

Elisa Crespo of NEW Pride Agenda and Cristina Herrera of Translatinx Network, Nominated by Amida Care, Named to Crain’s Notable Hispanic Leaders & Executives List

October 12 2021

Congratulations to Elisa Crespo, Executive Director of The NEW Pride Agenda, and Cristina Herrera, Founder and CEO of Translatinx Network, on their inclusion in Crain’s
New York Business 2021 Notable Hispanic Leaders & Executives. Both leaders were nominated for the honor by Amida Care.

Crain’s special feature recognizes Latinx individuals in a senior leadership role at their organizations, emphasizing those who have made significant contributions to advance equality within the workplace.

As Executive Director of The NEW Pride Agenda, a public policy advocacy organization representing New York’s diverse LGBTQ community, Elisa is one of the first transgender women of color to be appointed to a leadership role by a Board of Directors. Earlier this year, she ran for the New York City Council, making history as the first trans woman of color to run for public office in the Bronx, and the only trans person of color in New York history to be on a ballot and to receive votes from the electorate. Elisa is an inspiring leader who has broken through many barriers to become a highly successful advocate for underserved communities.

Translatinx Network Founder and CEO Cristina Herrera has grown her organization from a small, local group of friends, colleagues, and activists in 2007 to a nationally recognized provider of services. Translatinx Network promotes the healthy development of transgender, non- binary, gender non- conforming, and LGB communities in the New York City metro area by providing employment and leadership training, health and legal services, food and clothing, and peer support groups. A hands-on leader, Cristina is an inspiration and mentor who has touched thousands of lives in the trans community.

Read more about their work and other honorees, including Lymaris Albors, Executive Vice President and COO of Acacia Network and Rosa Gil, President and CEO of Comunilife, here.

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