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Amida Care News

UW-Green Bay Honors Amida Care President and CEO Doug Wirth,with Alumni Award

October 15 2018

On October 2, UW-Green Bay honored Amida Care’s President and CEO Doug Wirth with an Alumni Award in a ceremony at the university in Green Bay, WI. Wirth, who studied Social Work at UW-Green Bay, was recognized as an outstanding graduate who has made a special contribution to his community and profession.

“In different ways throughout my career, whether working directly with people in local communities or advocating for policy change with a broader impact, the focus of my work has been to promote high-quality, affordable health care for all people. Health care needs to be available to all citizens so that they can prosper, thrive, live their best lives, and contribute to their communities—which ultimately contributes to the health and wellbeing of our nation,” said Wirth.

Wirth was recognized for his impact on community health in serving as President and CEO of Amida Care since 2006. Under Wirth’s leadership, Amida Care has helped members be well and produced over $150 million in Medicaid cost savings for New York State between 2008 and 2017.

“Wellness is about more than just going to the doctor and taking medications. It takes a holistic approach that helps chronically ill people come out of isolation, providing supportive services and bringing them into a welcoming community where they can get well and get about the business of living their lives…By focusing on providing comprehensive, quality, culturally competent health coverage, we help our members living with HIV become virally suppressed (or “undetectable”) and live healthier, longer lives, rejoin the workforce, and save millions of dollars in reducing health care costs and prevent new HIV transmissions,” added Wirth.

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