Primary Care Provider Credentialing Criteria

Primary Care Provider Credentialing Criteria

In order for a Provider to be credentialed as a HIV Primary Care Provider and provide services for HIV/AIDS infected enrollees, the applicant must meet the AIDS Institute HIV Specialist Definition including:

  1. Evidence of sixteen (16) office hours per week on at least two (2) days per week at the primary care site.
  2. Obtain at least thirty (30) HIV-specific Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits within the last twenty-four (24) months, including information on the use of ARV therapy in an ambulatory setting, and fifteen (15) CME credits thereafter.
  3. HIV care management of at least twenty (20) HIV-infected individuals within the last (12) twelve months. The experience must have been in the direct clinical management person with HIV receiving ARV therapy in a postgraduate program, clinic, and hospital-based or private practice.

Amida Care participates in the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) Universal Provider Datasource (UPD)

Developed by CAQH, the UPD is an online service that allows practitioners to complete one standardized information set to meet the credentialing needs of all participating health care organizations. Participating practitioners may update their application information at any time via the CAQH Web site.